2021/1/31 外国人のための「一日インフォメーションサービス」(Free Information & Advice For Foreign Residents)が開催されます。


<<2nd 1-Day Information Service for Foreign Residents >>

Osaka International House will have a free 1-day counseling for foreign residents where specialists will offer advice on different fields on 31th January 2021. Volunteers will provide interpretation in 10 languages.
You can consult about immigration and residential status, labor, job-hunting, health insurance, pension, daily life, taxes, medical treatment, dental treatment, medicines, child rearing and offer other general information related to daily life.
※Consultations will be kept confidential.
Please see below for more information.

外国人(がいこくじん)のための「一日(いちにち)インフォメーションサービス」 開催(かいさい)